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a note from christopher

I am intrigued by our collective fascination with diamonds. Their cultural impact and recognition worldwide are undeniable. Yet despite being coveted and revered, they are also virtually indistinguishable to the untrained eye from well made glass – or sometimes even plastic. So what’s the point? How do you know that what you’re looking at is real? When do you take it on faith and when do you demand proof? Does it even matter? The works above are from a 13 piece study on the global fixation with things that sparkle.

Please stay tuned while my full portfolio is prepared for presentation online.  Thank you for your interest,
Christopher Anton

about the artist

Christopher Anton received his education at Oberlin College before ultimately heading to art school for a Bachelors in Interactive Media Design. German born, he has lived most of his life in America and currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. World travel and a fascination with all things mechanical factor heavily into his work. He creates mixed media pieces that challenge assumptions about authenticity, durability and faith – often addressing the exclusively human concepts of time and religion. He has been intermittently producing pieces for display in private collections since 1998.